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There's no game without umpires right?

Umpires are the leaders of our game. At Sharks netball, we work to build the skills of our umpires, from when they first start out as kids to more senior levels. Umpiring is a great way for players to develop their netball skills, but also to build their own confidence and leadership skills. 

Plus - umpires get paid! Yes that's right, both CNA and Sharks Netball pay our umpires, and the higher your level of accreditation, the more you get paid.

So get learning!

Netball Australia
Umpire Development Pathway

Upcoming courses

You can complete the Foundations of Umpiring course online at any time, by logging on to the Netball Australia Netball Learning page here. You can get reimbursement by emailing

Netball Queensland are also running face to face courses on the dates alongside. Sharks netball will meet the cost of our members and supports attending these courses, and we are looking at being able to make payment directly to Netball Queensland to make this easier for you.

 Introduction to Umpiring

Foundation Practical Umpiring

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But wait there's more...

There are so many resources out there to support you on your umpiring journey. Check out

Netball Queensland - Umpiring Resources

Netball Australia - Umpiring

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