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Sharks 2023 - Fowler’s Cup - 218 of 219.jpeg

Fowler's Cup 2023

What a cracker day! So much fun had all round and some great results too. It was so awesome to see Sharkies from our under 9's girls, through to our Seniors Mixed team out on court.

A huge thank you to all of our coaches, managers, umpires, parents and of course our Sharkie players for making this such a great day out for everyone.

Sharks Senior Mixed - winners

Sharks 6 (U18s) - runners up

Sharks 7 (U16A)

Sharks 11 (U14B)

Sharks 12 (U12A) - winners

Sharks 13 (U12B) - runners up

Sharks 14 (U12B) - winners

Sharks 16 (U10As) - runners up

Sharks 17 (U10Bs)

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