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Our coaches are the heart and soul of our club. We know that great coaches don't just make great teams, they build strong and confident team members. 

We are flexible about coaching arrangements, and will support new coaches as much as we can. We encourage our teenage players to take roles in coaching, including in an assistant role if that's preferred. 

We strongly encourage all our coaches to have completed at least the Foundations Coaching course offered through Netball Australia.

Netball Australia
Coaching Development Pathway

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Upcoming courses

You can complete the Foundations of Coaching course online at any time, by logging on to the Netball Australia Netball Learning page here. You can get reimbursement by emailing

Netball Queensland are also running face to face courses on the dates alongside. Sharks netball will meet the cost of our members and supports attending these courses, and we are looking at being able to make payment directly to Netball Queensland to make this easier for you. 


Specialist Coaching Workshop

Introduction to Coaching Workshop

Introduction to Coaching Workshop

Planning a Training Session

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